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NAME : Siva Kumar

VENUE : Chaitanya Godavari Grammena Bank, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

DATE : 15 November, 2018


My reporting time was at 1:00 pm. I reached the venue around 12 ‘o’ clock. After entering the office they showed me the way to the waiting hall. I waited there for around 1 hour. After that document verification started. There were three panels, the verification took place panel wise. My panel number is II. Each panel has around 25 students. My number in the verification list is 19. Meanwhile, I arranged all the documents in the order wise informed by them. They asked me to provide one set of print copies of documents and they verified my application form with the originals provided. All are seem to be correct in the application form. After that biometric verifcation took place. The whole process took place upto 2:30 pm ( because my number is 19). After that they sent me near to the panel room where I waited for around 3 hours. My turn came at 5 :40 pm.

My qualification is B-Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Panel No. : II

Total Members : 5 (4 Male & 1 Female)

Interview time : 10 -15 minutes.

Language : Telugu.

The whole interview took place in telugu language itself. The following questions were asked

1. Tell me about yourself ?

2. Parents occupation ? ( I didn’t mention the family details in the above question, so they asked me this question )

3. What is Hypothetication and pledge ?

4. Difference between NEFT, RTGS and IMPS ?

5. Functions of RRB ?

6. Formula of (a+b)^2

7. Formula of (a+b)^n

8. How rainbow is formed ?

9. What are the crops grown in your area ?

10. Difference between small and marginal farmers ?

11. Female chief ministers in the country ?

12. What are the agriculture allied sectors ?

13. What are the sectors in priority sector lending ?

The Interview is overall good. The panel members are very friendly. The questions might be random we can’t expect them. The questions asked in my panel are tough compared to the other two panels. I think the panel members only check the confidence while answering questions. So, be confident. Prepare well.

All the best Guys….





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