How to score 30/30 in English in bank exams

By | December 25, 2018

How to score 30/30 in english in bank exams

English is the most important subject which determines the selection in bank and SSC exams. Most of the students score less in english compared to reasoning and quant section. But, if we understand and love the language, it is easy to attempt all the questions with 100% accuracy. Scoring 30/30 in english in bank exams is not difficult if we plan, practice and execute the strategy well.

Total number of  questions – 30

Time – 20 minutes

It is easy to attempt 30 questions in 20 minutes in english.

English section can be divided into mostly 3 topics.

1. Reading comprehension

2. Error Detection

3. Para Jumbles / Fill in the blanks / Double fillers / Sentence completion

Before going into the topic wise strategy. I request you to learn  vocabulary of atleast 1000-1500 words. This will help you in all the topics in english section and also save a lot of time while understanding and answering questions. Now the question arises, Where and How to learn the vocabulary ?

Where ? —- There are many pdf’s available in google on vocabulary or else search for pdf copy of previous years vocabulary questions in SSC and bank exams. You will find many pdf’s, analyse yourself and take the good one. Make sure it consists of around 1000-1500 words in a single copy. Download it and take a print out.

How ? —– We can easily learn 30 words in one hour which means we need  around 34 hours to learn 1000 words. I request you spend 5 hours daily for one week ( morning – 2 hrs, afternoon – 1.5 hr, evening – 1.5 hr ). The more you take time to complete, the longer will be your selection time.

Note – While learning plz know the meaning of the word in your regional or mother language so that you can remember for long time. Revise it one or two times before exam.

Reading Comprehension

Read newspaper daily..What to Read ?

No need to read newspaper throughout. Just read articles in editor’s choice or read articles related to business and economy section in newspaper. Spent 15 minutes or else read atleast one or two articles daily. Inculcate the habit of watching english movies, newschannels and reading novels.

Error Detection

1. For error detection I prefer you to study the book “High School English grammar by Wren & martin”. You can easily complete it within three days.

2. Take the pdf of previous year spotting error questions or else top 500 questions in spotting errors. You can get the capsule easily on internet. Analyze the questions and find the way of how to find the error. There is a trick to find the error by checking concept wise. I will tell you that in my next post.

Para Jumbles / Fill in the blanks / Double fillers / Sentence completion

This can be answered easily if we follow the above two topics perfectly. But we need 100% accuracy, to achieve that practice quizzes daily on internet.

If we follow only the above plan, we can achieve only 60% of marks easily.

Journey from 60% to 100%

1. Attempt one sectional test of english daily from the last date of notification to the day before the exam i.e., around 30 tests.

2. Whenever u make a mistake in practice mocks, make a notes of it and study the mistakes before writing the next practice mock so that you will not repeat the mistake.

3. Practice as many quizzes as possible and make a note of mistakes. The more you practice the best you will achieve.


1. Learn vocabulary of atleast 1000 – 1500 words.

2. Read business or economy articles in Newspaper daily.

3. Read the book “High School English grammar by Wren & martin”.

4. Practice spotting error questions of atleast 300 – 500 questions and the find the way how to find the error by checking concept-wise which you learnt in above book.

5. Practice one sectional test of english daily and make a notes of mistakes you make so that you will not repeat the mistake.

6. Mock test…Mock test…Mock test………


All the best guys………..






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