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NAME : Prabhakar Naidu

VENUE : Andhra Bank Apex college, Hyderabad

DATE : o4 February, 2019


My reporting time was at 1:00 pm. I reached the venue around 12:00 pm. After entering the college they showed me the way to the document verification room. There were of five panels, the verification took place panel wise. My panel number is I. My number in the verification list is 3. Meanwhile, I arranged all the documents in the order wise informed by them. They asked me to provide one set of print copies of documents and they verified my application form with the originals provided. All are seem to be correct in the application form. After that biometric verifcation took place. The whole process took place upto 1:30 pm. After that they sent me near to the panel room where I waited for just 15 minutes because my number in the list is 3 and one candidate before me was absent.

My qualification is B-Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Panel No. : I

Total Members : 5 (4 Male & 1 Female)

Interview time : 10 -12 minutes.

Language : English and Telugu.

The whole interview took place in English and Telugu language. The following questions were asked

1. Tell me about yourself ?

2. Are you from ECE ?

3. If you were a branch manager, how would you reduce the electricity bill ?

(The answer is by using solar power)

4. Name the university in Andhra Pradesh which converted into totally solar power dependent ?

5. What is Plastic money ?

6. Explain about Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Scheme ?

7. What is Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate ?

8. Who is the president and vice president of India ?

9. What is debentures?

10. What are your hobbies ?

11. Some questions on India and New Zealand match which was held a day before my interview date ?

12. What is meant by Interim Budget ?

13. A friendly question on Andhra Pradesh Politics which was going to held in April 2019 ?

The Interview took place nearly of 10 minutes. Each member in the panel asked 2 – 3 questions. In my panel all the questions asked  were of general and some banking questions. The panel members are very friendly. The interview will depend on 50% luck and 50% preparation. The afternoon shift is better compared to morning shift as they will take less time and ask few questions. This is all about of my IBPS PO Interview Experience.

All the best Guys…….


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